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Journal Name:   EAS Journal of Nursing and Midwifery
Abbr. Title:   EAS J Nurs Midwifery
ISSN(Print):   2663-0966
ISSN(Online):   2663-6735
Frequency:   Bi-Monthly
Language:   English
Chief Editor:   Dr. Berna DİNCER
Publisher:   East African Scholars Publisher, Kenya
Country of Origin:   Kenya

Latest Articles

March 30, 2020

The Influence of Nursing Process and Documentation Training on Implementing of Nursing Process Documentation In Bireuen District Hospital

 Jumiati, Said Usman and Hajjul Kamil
 EAS J Nurs Midwifery, 2020; 2(2):122-128.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJNM.2020.v02i02.0189

March 27, 2020

Effect of Instructional Educational Programme on Diabetic Patients’ Awareness Regarding Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy

 Suad A M Salahen, Abd Alla M Abass, Samah Abd Alla Abu Kanna & Safa Mohammed Nour
 EAS J Nurs Midwifery, 2020; 2(2):114-121.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJNM.2020.v02i02.018

March 4, 2020

Knowledge and Perception on the Socio-Cultural Causes of Mental Illness in Northern Nigeria

 EAS J Nurs Midwifery, 2020; 2(2):107-113.
 Argungu Musa Zulkiflu, Lawali Yakubu, Kabiru Adamu Maisanda, Murtala M. M, Usman Yahaya Illo and Kil
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJNM.2020.v02i02.017

Feb. 29, 2020

Management Information System in Healthcare and Welfare Units the Case of such a system in an Emergency Department

 Iliadis Christos
 EAS J Nurs Midwifery, 2020; 2(1):102-106.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJNM.2020.v02i01.016

Feb. 17, 2020

Determinant Factors of Early Initiation of Breastfeeding in Postpartum Sectio Caesarean Mothers in Aceh, Indonesia

 Cut Mutia, Hajjul Kamil and Suryane S. Susanti
 EAS J Nurs Midwifery, 2020; 2(1):96-101.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJNM.2020.v02i01.015

Jan. 31, 2020

The Impact of Patient Safety Culture Training Program in the Inpatient Room of Banda Aceh General Hospital

 Devi Yanti, Hajjul Kamil, Elly Wardani
 EAS J Nurs Midwifery, 2020; 2(1):87-95.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJNM.2020.v02i01.014

Jan. 28, 2020

Fourth Year Nursing Students’ Perception of Communication and Safety Reporting In Clinical Settings in Governmental Universities - Khartoum State (2018)

 Sahar Ahmed, Mohamed Toum, Samah Abdalla, Montahaa Mohammed
 EAS J Nurs Midwifery, 2020; 2(1):13-17.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJNM.2020.v02i01.02

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