EAS Journal of Parasitology and Infectious Diseases

Journal Name:   EAS Journal of Parasitology and Infectious Diseases
Abbr. Title:   EAS J Parasitol Infect Dis
ISSN(Print):   2663-0982
ISSN(Online):   2663-6727
Frequency:   Monthly
Language:   English
Chief Editor:   Dr. Iddah Maulid Ali
Publisher:   East African Scholars Publisher, Kenya
Country of Origin:   Kenya

Latest Articles

Feb. 17, 2020

Public Health Importance of Insect Vectors in Open Dumps at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria

 Abajue, M.C, Okiwelu, S.N and Noutcha, M.A.E
 EAS J Parasitol Infect Dis, 2020; 2(1):1-7
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJPID.2020.v02i01.001

Dec. 28, 2019

Sero-Prevalence of Anti-Toxoplasma Gondii IgM and IgG Antibodies among Young Adults with History of Ocular Infection in South-Western Nigeria

 Seyi Samson Enitan*, Adediji Olusola Adejumo, Adeolu Sunday Oluremi, Emmanuel Ileoma, Esther Ngozi Adejumo, Temiloluwa Femi Oyedele and Comfort Bosede Enitan
 EAS J Parasitol Infect Dis, 2019; 1(6):133-143.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJPID.2019.v01i06.008

Dec. 27, 2019

Amblyomma Variegatum, Hyalomma Impeltatum and Hyalomma Truncatum Anthropophilic Ticks Introduced To Gabon with Cattle Imports: A Potential Threat for Public Health

 Moubamba Mbina Dieudonné*, Soumbou L. Sosthène, Ndoutoume Ndong Auguste and Maganga Gaël Darren
 EAS J Parasitol Infect Dis, 2019; 1(6):144-151.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASJPID.2019.v01i06.009

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