East African Scholars Journal of Medical Sciences

Nov. 11, 2019

Torsion D’annexe Droite Révélant UN Goitre Ovarien A Propos D’un CAS

 R.Aitbouhou, F. El Mangoub, M.Bouzroud, A.Kessab, J.Kouach and DR.Moussaoui
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):617-620.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i10.040

Nov. 16, 2019

Non Parasitic Splenic Cysts- Study of 4 Cases

 Dr. Abinaya Devi A, Dr. Letha.V, Dr. Lillykutty Pothen and Dr. Sankar.S
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):621-624.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i10.041

Nov. 16, 2019

Study of Metopic Suture in Adult Human Crania

 Dr. J.Kalaivannan and Dr. Santhini Arul selvi
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):625-627.
 DOI : DOI:10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i11.042

Nov. 12, 2019

Factors That Cause Professional Stress to Teachers of Secondary Education in Greece: Bibliographic Review and a Proposed Empirical Research on the Correlation of Professional Stress with School Performance

 Xanthippi Foulidi, Evangelos C. Papakitsos and Spyridoula Vartelatou
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):644-647.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i11.051

Nov. 25, 2019

Hepatotoxicity Induced By Copper Oxide and Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles and Their Mixtures in Male Albino Rats

 Rabia A. M. Yahya, Azab Elsayed Azab, Karema El.M.Shkal, and Jbireal JM
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):650-660.
 DOI : DOI:10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i11.053

Nov. 25, 2019

“To Study the Role of Serum Uric Acid as a Risk Factor in Acute Ischemic Stroke in Navodaya Medical College Hospital & Research Centre, Raichur”

 Dr. Sharan A Patil and Dr. Hanumanth Reddy
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):661-665.
 DOI : DOI:10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i11.054

Nov. 25, 2019

Evaluation of Vitamin D Status among Populations in Alejelat, Libya

 Afaf Amer Abumhdi,Azab Elsayed Azab and Mohamed Omar Albasha
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):666-673.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i11.055

Nov. 25, 2019

Qualitative Study on the Drug Availability for National Health Insurance (Jkn) in Hypertensive Patients: the Perspective of the Tender Winner Manufacturer

 Muhammad Syaripuddin, Ratu Ayu Dewi Sartika and Mardiati Nadjib
 East African Scholars J Med Sci, 2019; 2(11):674-678.
 DOI : 10.36349/EASMS.2019.v02i11.056

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